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DEI Statement

Music Columbus recognizes that racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, ageism, classism, and xenophobia amongst other inequities exist and are systemic in our community and the music industry. We are committed to undoing these historic injustices, having uncomfortable conversations to ensure continued growth, and actively creating a new, more equitable and inclusive community today. Since its inception, Music Columbus has counted inclusivity, transparency, and accountability as part of its core values. To honor and live these values, we must actively work to ensure equity and justice in the local, regional, and national music community and economy.

  • We commit to diverse outreach, active engagement, and conversation with historically marginalized groups to create a more inclusive environment and music community for all.
  • We implement change through actions, and create action-oriented strategies and goals for all of our programs and initiatives
  • We demonstrate and ensure accountability by being transparent with the public and community about our goals, and through regular updates and reporting on progress.


For Reference:
Below is Music Columbus’s Mission, Vision & Values as listed on our website. Also listed are DEI statements from other organizations in our community in the arts space and/or who support & fund the arts.


To nurture a community where people can prosper in the business of music while contributing to Columbus’ overall cultural and economic growth. Read about Music Columbus’ yearly impact report.


Columbus is the Midwest Music Capital of America, where musical innovation, collaboration, and artistry flourish.


    1. Collaboration
    2. Inclusivity
    3. Inventiveness
    4. Transparency
    5. Nurturing
    6. Accountability


Commitment to Close the Wage Gap